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The Best Restaurants In The Princes’ Islands

Published Date
07 July 2023, 12:34
The Best Restaurants In The Princes’ Islands
Onur Koçak

Onur Koçak

Tour Organizer


We have brought together the best restaurants of the Prince Islands for you. Prince Islands restaurants are preferred by everyone with their delicious food and magnificent atmosphere. The best examples of Turkish and Greek appetizers are served in places where the freshest fish are served every season. You witness the best and delicious presentations of fish in a place where people have been fishing since the Hellenistic period. You enjoy your meal in a peaceful way, accompanied by magnificent nature views.

Take a break from your full-day tour of the Princes’ Islands at the best venues of the Princes’ Islands with amazing tastes. We are sure you will love these restaurants. If you wish, you can choose Prince Islands Restaurants for a day trip to the islands, for a special invitation and event, or on a romantic day. Princes Islands Tour‘s recommended top island restaurants;

By Şükrü Balık (Büyükada)

Known as the best fish restaurant of the Prince Islands, By Şükrü Balık is one of the rows of restaurants located on the Büyükada coast. At By Şükrü Fish, you can find the freshest fish at any time of the year, depending on the season. In addition to fresh fish varieties, you can also find many kinds of appetizers and hot appetizers consisting of seafood at By Şükrü Restaurant. By Şükrü Restaurant also broadcasts live music for those who want to have fun on weekends.

Contact: +90 (216) 382 12 45
Address: Büyükada-nizam, Gülistan Cd. no 95, 34970 Adalar/İstanbul

No 2 Garden Restaurant By Şükrü (Büyükada)

No 2 Garden Restaurant is located in Büyükada. This restaurant is a nice alternative to seaside restaurants. Its menu includes many options, from meat options to fish and salad varieties. It is located among fruit trees in the garden of a 100-year-old mansion. It is one of the most preferred venues, especially for invitations and organizations.

Contact: +90 (216) 382 10 64
Address: Çınar Cad. Gazi Mihal Sok. No 2 

Eskibağ Restaurant (Büyükada)

The restaurant is located behind Büyükada, 1 hour away from the center by foot. You can also reach Eskibağ Teras Restaurant, famous for its view, by bus or taxi from the island center. Its rich seafood menu and view include this restaurant in our list.

Contact: +90 (216) 382 28 20
Address:Büyükada-maden, Yılmaz Türk Cd. No:175 D:175, 34970 Adalar/İstanbul

Loca’da Restaurant (Büyükada)

Loca Restaurant & Hotel, serving under the same name, is located in Büyükada. The place, which gives its guests the feeling of the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts with its location and atmosphere, is an indispensable place especially for boat owners and celebrities. The restaurant is a nice alternative for special invitations and parties.

Contact: +90 (531) 525 12 32
Address: Büyükada-maden, Yılmaz Türk Cd. No:175 D:175, 34970 Adalar/İstanbul

Sahil Ayvalık Cunda Mutfağı (Burgazada)

Sahil Ayvalık Cunda Mutfağı, which entered our list of the best Prince Islands restaurants from Burgazada, is Burgazada Sahil Restaurant, famous for its appetizers and fish. Most of the regulars of the restaurant, which has been operating for 30 years, are sailing students and boat owners. We definitely recommend you to go to the restaurant, which is open 12 months a year.

Contact: +90 (216) 381 12 11
Address: Burgazada Mahallesi, Yalı Cd., 34975 Adalar/İstanbul

Barba Yani Restaurant (Burgazada)

Barba Yani Restaurant located in Burgazada. It is a 40-year-old restaurant named after its founder, By Barba Yani. The appetizers made in this restaurant continue to be prepared the way the Master used to make them. You can taste incredibly delicious food at the restaurant, which is preferred by many Istanbulites. The views of Heybeliada and Kaşıkadası are worth seeing. We can definitely recommend it to those who want to have a different experience in Istanbul.

Contact: +90 (537) 989 46 33
Address: Gezinti Cd. 2–18, 34975 İstanbul Adalar Türkiye

Kalpazankaya Restaurant (Burgazada)

The restaurants at the end of our list of the best restaurants in the Princes’ Islands are all very good and you should definitely experience them at least once. Kalpazankaya Restaurant is one of them. Kalpazankaya Restaurant, named after the rock where fake money was printed during the Byzantine period, offers you incredibly beautiful views and tastes. The restaurant has been run by the same family for 60 years. The restaurant’s menu includes rich seafood. Lamb tandoori, cooked over wood fire every Wednesday, is one of the best delicacies. Another important thing you should know about the restaurant is that you should definitely make a reservation before going.

Contact: +90 (216) 381 11 11
Address: Kalpazankaya Yolu Sok. No:42 Burgazada, 34975 Adalar/İstanbul

Değirmen Burnu Restaurant (Heybeliada)

The only restaurant from Heybeliada included in our list is Değirmenburnu Restaurant. It is a preferred restaurant with its shabby and nature location and Burgazada view. Preferred by locals for its view, the restaurant has food options for everyone. You can choose the restaurant that will give you a quiet day.

Contact: +90 (216) 351 98 95
Address: Heybeliada, Denizyolu Sk No:20/A, 34973 Adalar/İstanbul

Jash Restaurant (Kınalıada)

Last on our list is Jesh Restaurant from Kınalıada. This is a restaurant where you can find all kinds of sea food. It is a place where family management and taste accumulation that has been going on for years come together. Many dishes on the menu are prepared according to traditions. You can find the opportunity to taste many dishes and appetizers that you have heard of before.

Contact: +90 (216) 381 44 32
Address: Kınalıada, Alsancak Cd., 34977 Adalar/İstanbul

You can contact us for more information and reservations about the restaurants.