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The Captivating Istanbul Princes' Islands Tour

Published Date
17 February 2023, 09:02
The Captivating Istanbul Princes' Islands Tour
Onur Koçak

Onur Koçak

Tour Organizer


Princes Islands is a must-see when in Istanbul. Each of these Princes islands has its own charm. 

Why is it called Prices Islands?

As old as history itself, the Princes Islands have a history even older than Byzantium. In the Byzantine period, it was called the Princes Islands because it was the place where princes and important statesmen were exiled. Your private guide will tell you this and many other interesting information about the Prince Islands during the tour.

You'll also get to visit the most prominent sites on the island, such as the Aya Yorgi Church on the largest of the Princes, Büyükada.

To make your experience even more special, consider booking a private boat to tour the islands. It'll allow you to explore the islands at your own pace, away from the crowds.

The Princes Islands tour is an experience you won't want to miss during your visit to Istanbul. Don't forget to capture the stunning views, and after the tour, you'll return to Istanbul around 5:00 pm. Book your tour now and get ready for an unforgettable journey.