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Hotel Recommendations for the Princes' Islands

Published Date
13 October 2023, 01:10
Hotel Recommendations for the Princes' Islands
Onur Koçak

Onur Koçak

Tour Organizer


Princess Island is a nice alternative close to Istanbul that offers a lot of options for accommodation. Located in the Sea of ​​Marmara, surrounded by water on 4 sides, Princes Island is home to magnificent natural beauties. Therefore, it is visited by a large number of tourists. Since it is a complete tourism paradise, there are many accommodation areas in it. There are different hotels suitable for every budget in Princes Islands.

Since the use of motor vehicles is prohibited on the island, it is necessary to take an electric bus, bicycle or walk wherever you want. The air is extremely clean since no motor vehicles are used. There are many entertainment venues, restaurants or socializing opportunities on the island.

You can visit the for more Princess Island Hotel recommendations.

There are many places with different features and facilities in the Princess Island Hotels  accommodation guide. While some places are very suitable for families, some places are designed specifically for those who want to stay alone and relax. In addition, there are also special places in the island, which is frequently preferred for holiday purposes for special occasions such as honeymoon. When deciding to take a stroll in Princes Island, it is extremely important to make good use of the accommodation and facilities available here. The same service can be offered at a different price in each business. For this reason, it is necessary to be extremely careful and attentive while choosing an accommodation.

Ada Palas Butik Otel

Ada Palas Boutique Hotel is a Boutique Hotel serving in an approximately 120-year-old wooden mansion located in the center of Büyükada. The hotel has 12 guest rooms in total. The hotel offers accommodation options with breakfast included or half board. The hotel caters to adults only. Local and foreign guests who want to celebrate anniversaries, honeymoons and special occasions prefer this romantic boutique hotel.

Contact: +90 (216) 382 14 44
Address: Maden Mah. Çiçekli Yalı Sok No 24 Büyükada

Splendid Palace

Splendid Palace, one of the most magnificent buildings of Büyükada, has been providing hotel services to its guests since the day it opened. Welcoming those who approach Büyükada by ferry with its splendor, the hotel has historically authentic rooms. It hosts a first-class restaurant and cafes and bars on the ground floor where you can find excellent tastes.

Contact: +90 (216) 382 59 50
Address: Büyükada-Nizam Mah. Yirmiüç Nisan Cd. No: 39, 34970 Adalar/İstanbul

Princess Hotel

Princess Hotel, one of the most established hotels on the island, is located in a central location right opposite the Büyükada pier. It is preferred by many guests with its close location to the pier and other entertainment venues and its magnificent structure. On the ground floor of the hotel, there is an Italian restaurant, waffle, island lokma place and famous island ice cream parlors. It is a very good option for those who want to stay in the center of the island.

Contact: +90 (216) 382 16 28
Address: 23 Nisan Caddesi No:2 34970 Büyükada / İstanbul

Ascot Hotel Büyükada

Ascot Hotel is a modern boutique hotel with 22 rooms located in Büyükada Çınar Square. The hotel, which features English architecture, has an elevator and a swimming pool. The hotel, which is especially preferred by families with children and foreign tourists, is open 12 months a year.

Contact: +90 216 382 28 88 - Website: - Adress: Büyükada-Maden Mahallesi Çınar Cd. No:78 Adalar İstanbul

Aşıklar Butik Otel

Located half an hour away from the center of Büyükada, Aşıklar Boutique Hotel offers a comfortable and peaceful accommodation in the forest. This magnificent hotel, where you will enrich your stay with a traditional Turkish Breakfast, has 7 guest rooms, all with balconies and forest views.
There is a jacuzzi in one suite guest room in the hotel.

Contact: +90 (216) 382 65 65
Address: Büyükada Nizam Mahallesi, Açelya Sokak No:2, 34970 Adalar

Karadağ Apart Otel

It is an Apart Hotel serving as an Apart Hotel in Büyükada, with 5 apartments and 2 villas. Located in the Karadağ area of ​​Büyükada, the facility has a swimming pool and BBQ facilities that you can use during the summer months.

Contact: +90 (533) 580 11 21
Address: Nizam Mah, Karadağ Sk. No:7, 34970 Büyükada/İstanbul

No 2 Hotel By Şükrü

No 2 Hotel By Şükrü, one of the most preferred hotels in Büyükada, is the indispensable address of tourists who prefer Büyükada with its 14 comfortable guest rooms and a restaurant in its garden. All of its rooms are at 5-star hotel standard. The hotel has a jacuzzi in some rooms and offers DJ live performance and live music entertainment on weekends.

Contact: +90 (216) 382 10 64
Address: Maden Mah. Çınar Cad. Gazi Mihal Sok. No:2 Büyükada

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